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What is Your Playbook for 2024?

What is Your Playbook for 2024?

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Ken Wilbanks

This is a season of reflection, appreciation, and looking ahead to how the new year can be better than ever. As the business pulse naturally slows a bit, this is the perfect time to begin Visioning and Tactical Action Planning to start 2024 with a Keen Edged Focus to advance your profitability. On Purpose. Sharpened Leadership. Courage to move past old Habits for the sake of new and better methods that yield results from the start and into the years ahead.

It is essential that you begin strategic Planning for the coming year. In fact, it would be even better if you had begun a few weeks back. Each new calendar and fiscal year is the beginning of a new game. Like in sports when the new game begins, you better have your new playbook in hand and be ready to rock and roll!

Here are a handful of best practices and "wisdom points" to consider as you develop your playbook for 2024:

  • Begin with VISION – All successful strategies start with a clear, inspiring vision of what the new way of performing and being looks and feels like.
  • Enroll others in THAT VISION – You cannot realize that vision alone. Enroll others in that vision and to contribute to that vision. Stir your team’s positive emotions. Big wisdom point here: “emotion puts people in motion!” How to stir someone’s positive emotions? Be sure each and every team member understands how they can contribute and what is in it for them!
  • Be sure your Systems WORK – All business and life advancements call us to renewed systems. This is the how of the matter. There are tons of howss within the Gross Margin Mastery Journey. Use them! Keep in mind that all management starts with systems that work!
  • Lead through EXAMPLE – People are largely visual learners. It will not be enough to tell people what to do or how to do it. You will need to show your team members how to perform.
  • Coach your Team – The coaching formula is simple. Show how to perform. Observe performance. Note both strengths and weaknesses in the performance. Highlight what is going well and offer gentle, persistent encouragement for improvement in overall performance.
  • Another wisdom point: 50% or more of a leader’s time should be spent coaching their team. This will take frank and honest calendar work to be sure your time usage is in alignment with this percentage. The busy, office bound leader is likely not “on the field in coaching mode” often enough.
  • Celebrate all Successes – When you see outstanding performance, even on the tiniest little aspect of the game, mention it! Tilt towards being effusive in celebrating successes. No news is not good news. It is neglect. Tell your team members just how fantastic they really are! If they aren’t so fantastic, then get your coaching game on!

Finally, there are NO SHORTCUTS. NONE.

More times than I can count, professionals try to leap past the Basics of Margin Mastery in hopes that somehow, someway, some kind of abbreviated, hybridized version of Gross Margin Mastery will magically flash into existence without the deep, diligent, disciplined work required to fully realize true mastery. Shortcuts like:

  • Failing to communicate the enduring benefits from the effort to their team.
  • Doing stuff to their team without their robust involvement and contributions.
  • Skirting a potentized sales management process entirely, often with the pale leadership position of “my sales staff all run their own show!” In short, “my sales management strategy is to have no management at all.”
  • Little or no coaching time scheduled in the week or month. Worse, not understanding how to coach others in the first place! Skillful coaching does not happen by accident. It must be learned from another masterful coach.

What is your playbook for 2024? If you want a potent, proven game plan to win this game in 2024 but need a little help, then reach out to me for a clarity call or to explore a professional development initiative for yourself or for your organization in 2024. I am your partner in excellence. Now and ever….

Life will Always Favor the Bold!

Ken Wilbanks
Advisor Educator Coach
(828) 776-6459

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